Building a home movie theater is just about re-creating the exact ambiance of the actual movie theater but in a smaller scale. This is made possible through these two aspects:

1. Setting up of the right electronic equipment

2. Designing the interiors of the home theater in a way that it will be able to support the equipments as well as to look like a miniature theater.

Some electronic equipment that you should install in your home movie theater are:

o A large TV screen (the projector screens are more appropriate).

o Speakers

o DVD player or other movie player

The bigger your screen is the more real movie theater feel you will create. Plus, the quality of the surround sound also contributes greatly to the over-all ambiance of home movie theater.

If you have the budget to build a separate room, you can choose to install a large theater projector for viewing the movie. And certainly, large viewing screens are the better option for creating an authentic movie theater atmosphere compared to the big TV screens. Plus, projectors are not as expensive as the large screen TVs or flat wide screen TVs.

One more advantage of a projector is that you can also use it for presentations since it can receive output from a computer too. It is also very light that you can take it from home to office without a problem.

Saran is an international animation development specialist and director of several short movies. Saran is a regular contributor to online article sites on the topics of on movie making, graphic designing as well as entertainment.

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