These days WhatsApp is very popular and each user can have many conversations going on at the same time, either individually or in groups. Communication has taken a completely new meaning. Since, people have made it a primary mode of communication, anytime, anywhere. People try to come up with the best names of WhatsApp Groups for their school friends, college friends, colleagues, and neighbors. These are the fun groups. Then you also have groups to share your interests among your friends.

The diversity of groups has given rise to creativity of group admin in giving a variety of names. Some of the best names of WhatsApp Groups are the ones that describe the functionality as well as the composition of the groups. These ones listed below have been categorized by the type of groups:

  • Family Groups

best names of whatsapp groups

This refers to the groups of just the immediate family, i.e. the parents and the children. The nomenclature of the group is often based on the family name. Since, it is an exclusive group, words like ‘just’ and ‘only’ are added to the name.

If the family includes relatives on either side,some go to the extent of calling it Happy Family or Family Club or even Mad Family. If the group, has only cousins and no uncles and aunts, the names starts becoming crazier to exhibit the bonding between them such as The Crazy Cousins, The Mad house etc.

  • School/College Friends

These depend on the generation. If the members have already passed out and have connected after a separation, the names are kind of nostalgic, trying to capture the days gone by.  Some good nostalgic ones are ‘The Best Days’, ‘Reliving the past’, ‘(name of college gang) is back and so on

If the group members are the newer generation and still get to spend most of the time together, they are more oriented towards what they love to do the best when they meet, so they can continue to do it when they chat. Some of the best names of WhatsApp groups that feature here are ‘Silent Killers’, ‘We talk a lot’, ‘Hangover’ and ‘Last Benchers’.

  • Colleagues/Team Members

best names of whatsapp groups

These are generally based on the name of the organization, the Business Unit or the project sub unit. These generally are the more serious groups, discussing deadlines and project schedules. Even in this category, you can come across some creative names such as ‘We’ve got work to do’, ‘earn your pay’, ‘energetic executives’ and ‘we work for fun’.

  • Ladies Groups

These can have the most creative names and they change frequently based on the life events associated with the members. They can range from ‘Let’s go shopping’, ‘Potluck Party’, ‘Dress up Date’ and ‘Party Planners’. Some like to name the group based on the activity which is most common on the group such as ‘Bitching Babes’, ‘Dancing Dolls’, ‘Cook’s corner’ and ‘Gossiping Girls’.

  • Men’s groups

Men can come up with some of the best names of WhatsApp groups such as ‘Game Changers’, ‘Bachelor Party’, and ‘House of Hunters’. Though the discussion on these groups can vary from topics ranging from jokes to politics, it is very different from the ladies groups. They are quite active on WhatsApp as it has become a new addiction.

The discussion on types of WhatsApp groups and their nomenclature can go on and on as there is no end to it. There are groups for activities, puzzles, businesses, parenting groups, teachers groups and so on. The list is endless and the creative minds at work keep coming up with rare gems in terms of names. Do share the wittiest names of groups that you belong to!

Saran is an international animation development specialist and director of several short movies. Saran is a regular contributor to online article sites on the topics of on movie making, graphic designing as well as entertainment.

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